Ages 3 - 4

Our PreCanSkate program is for younger children who are looking to learn to skate. The Skate Canada CanSkate program is nationally regulated and designed to teach basic skating skills for beginners.

This 30 minute session is taught in a group, play-based environment by Skate Canada certified professional coaches and trained Program Assistants. Skaters will learn the following skills and more in this program, and receive a report card outlining their progress:

  • Fall down and get up
  • Balance on two feet
  • Move forward
  • Make snow
  • Move backwards
  • Twist on two feet
  • March in a circle
  • Two-foot jump
  • Intro to Stage 1 balance, control, and agility CanSkate skills

*As perĀ Skate Canada's Helmet Use Policy, all skaters working on STAGE 5 and below, MUST wear a CSA approved hockey helmet*