NHSC Skater Code of Conduct

The New Hamburg Skating Club strives to keep our club as safe as possible for all
skaters and coaches. Below is our Code of Conduct and Ice Etiquette sheet so
everyone is aware of rules while our skaters are on the ice.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and look forward to a year of fun and safety
on our ice.

Code of Conduct

At all times, skaters and parents are expected to abide by the following:

  1. Be courteous to and respectful of coaches, board members, other parents and
  2. Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children during all skating
    sessions. For skaters under the age of 12, a parent or guardian (e.g. a
    designated adult) must be present at the arena while the child is skating.
  3. Parents are not allowed on the ice surface at any time.
  4. Dressing rooms, change rooms and other areas within the arena are to be left
    clean and all debris picked up.
  5. Skaters representing the NHSC at any function or competition, and their parents,
    are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable, responsible and
    sportsmanlike manner.
  6. The use foul language or profanity is unacceptable.

Ice Etiquette

While on the ice, skaters are expected to abide by the following:

  1. Do not bring chewing gum, food or candy onto the ice. All beverages should be
    kept in a spill-proof, non-breakable container at the side of the ice surface.
  2. Proper skating attire is required. Jeans, extra long pants or bell bottoms are not
    to be worn on the ice for safety reasons.
  3. Long hair is to be tied back out of the way and properly secured.
  4. Do not stand on the ice and talk.
  5. Get up quickly after falling unless injured, so as to not endanger other skaters on
    the ice.
  6. Do not “pick” the ice unnecessarily as this can damage the ice and cause injuries
    to skaters.
  7. Follow the instructions of coaches, PAs and PAAs politely and promptly.
  8. Respect other skaters receiving private instruction from their coach; try not to
    interrupt coaches when a lesson is in progress.
  9. Adhere to the schedule posted for each session i.e. do not practice free skate
    during skills, dance during free skate, skills during dance, etc. The only
    exception is when a skater is in a lesson.
  10. Respect the right of way during free skate:
    • A skater whose solo is being played has the first right of way. Other
      skaters must avoid undue interference with the soloist, and the soloist
      must keep aware of where others skaters are on the ice.
    • Skaters in lessons have the next right of way.
    • Skaters who are practicing free skate have the last right of way.
  11.  Respect the right of way during dance and skills:
    • Skaters in a lesson skating to the music being played have the first right
      of way.
    • Skaters skating to the specific music being played have the second right
      of way.
    • Skaters in a lesson but not skating to the music being played have the
      third right of way.
    • Skaters who are practicing have the last right of way.
  12. Always keep your head up, particularly when skating backwards.
  13. During stroking, faster skaters are to keep to the outside of the ice surface and
    slower skaters to the inside.
  14. When practicing spins, keep to the middle of the ice surface.
  15. When practicing jumps, keep to the ends of the ice surface. When the harness is
    in use, all skaters must stay clear of the harness area.

Ice Etiquette rules are in effect at all times. Failure to abide by these rules may result in
the offending skater being removed from the ice. Continuous or flagrant abuse of the Ice
Etiquette rules will cause a skater to be subject to the Suspension and Expulsion Policy.

Dress Code

In order to keep in line with the policies of other clubs in our immediate area as
well as Skate Canada guidelines for skaters, the NHSC requires that our
skaters present themselves in a respectable manner while skating with the NHSC.

Girls are required to wear skating dresses or skirts with tights. Leggings are acceptable,
providing they fit tightly at the ankle. Hair should be pulled back neatly, away from the
face. Bulky jackets, bulky sweaters and shorts are discouraged. Boys are required to
wear slim sweat pants or skating pants with shirts tucked in. Bare midriffs and
'revealing' clothing are not permitted. Skaters will be asked to leave the ice until the
appropriate attire is worn. Parents will then be notified by email.

The way in which a skater dresses reflects on the club, so please dress appropriately.